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     Despegando is the Spanish-language section of Sky magazine.  This section appears in every monthly issue of Delta Sky.  The ten- to twenty-page section highlights Deltas continued strength in Latin America and is tailored to Deltas Spanish-speaking customers.  The mean HHI of Deltas Spanish, Hispanics and Latino passenger is $118,453 and mean age is 41.  With Spanish as the 2nd fastest growing language in the world, Despegando is the latest benefit for Deltas Spanish speakers as the airline works to become the best U.S. carrier in Latin America. Delta serves over 50 destinations in 29 countries in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean with more than 1,000 weekly flights. 

profiles a celebrity in each edition and features 1 City/5 Ways, Destinations With, My Favorite Street, Five Minutes With, Road Warrior and Style Inspiration every month. 

is tailored for Latin Americans and Spaniards who live in or travel to and from Latin America and Spain, as well as Latinos living in the United States.  The section appears in all 607,862 copies of the full press run of Sky magazine targeting 15 million monthly readers, as found onboard every Delta, Delta Private Jets flight, in 52 Delta Sky Clubs, Delta 360 Clubs at major sports stadiums worldwide, at the Grammys and all Delta-sponsored events. 

is prominently listed on the Table of Contents, has presence in the Letter from the President and has consistent placement at the half-way point of the magazine starting on a right-hand-page.  The Despegando section also appears at where viewers can click-through on your ad to your company website.  Delta Skys Despegando section is also featured in its entirety digitally and on the iPad app FlyDelta with 500,000 monthly downloads.  

     Advertisements are a fraction of the regular Delta Sky rates, must be in Spanish, and space is limited.



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